Breslin Cocktail


Nick and I had brunch with some of his colleagues today at the Breslin. This has become one of our favorites brunch spots in recent months. The food is solid and the drink list is different (in the best way possible). Today, I opted for the “This is Happening”- a rye whiskey based drink.

Rye is a whiskey made with at least 51% rye instead of the traditional malted barley. It is very similar to traditional whiskey but has more of a spicy and fruity flavor. This cocktail was made with rye, Benedictine (a medicinal aromatic herbal beverage), Oloroso Sherry (oloroso means “scented” in Spanish), and aromatic bitters- very Manhattan/Old Fashinoed-esque.

Sunday Funday in BK

I’ve noticed over the past few days that a lot of my recent posts have the tag “unhealthy”. The biggest thing I struggle with in NYC is all the amazing food that is available to me. I want to eat well as much as I can, and I do, but it’s days like yesterday that make it hard. It was a beautiful spring day so my friends, Lauren and Kris, and I decided to venture to the Brooklyn Flea. The BK Flea has an extensive assortment of vendors selling everything from vintage clothing and accessories to BK-made furniture to little trinkets and nick nacks. My favorite aspect, of course, are the multiple food vendors.

Lauren and I took the East River Ferry from E 34th St in the city and Kris jumped on across the river in Long Island City. 2 stops later, the three of us got off the boat and walked right into the flea (located in Williamsburg on N. 6th St and the East River). We were all starving so our first stop was Red Hook Lobster Pound for a lobster roll.


As you can see, there are two types of lobster rolls available: Maine style and Connecticut style. I grew up living in Maine every summer. Lauren is from a Connecticut beach town called Madison. See the problem? We have argued over which lobster roll is the best more times than I can count. I think we  have finally agreed to disagree! Kris went for a Maine roll like me and we convinced the two people behind us in line to go with the Maine roll as well. Either way, lobster is lobster and it was amazing!


Lauren ordering her CT style roll


Kris ordering his Maine style roll


My Maine lobster roll. SO delicious!

After a little wandering around we noticed a stand that was selling Maple Bacon on a Stick. Bacon on a stick! We all decided we had to have some. I mean who could resist? We went for 3 slices of bacon for $8.




I have no idea what was in the dry rub (above) but it was delicious. It was so unexpected and it made the bacon even more amazing than I ever thought it could be. Finishing it with a maple glaze just put it over the edge. UNBELIEVABLE and worth every calorie.

We did a little more shopping before I found our next treat- People’s Pop:


Essentially grown-up snow cones! I went for the Lemon Basil and it was the perfect light and refreshing treat after the lobster roll and the bacon on a stick.


The three of us decided to share one and take a little walk. We wandered to a German Beer Garden that I have been to a few times but it was PACKED. We were in desperate need for a beer so we decided to head up a few blocks and check out the Brooklyn Brewery.IMG_5196

The brewery is a great place to hang out on the weekends. It has limited hours but the drinking hall has a great vibe. You can order food and have it delivered to you, you can bring cards for drinking games and you can even bring your dog! You have to buy tokens when you first walk in ($5 each or 5 for $20) so we opted to pick up 5 tokens. As you walk in past the cashier, you see a very long line for the beer. The three of us waited and ended up spending all the tokens at once to avoid waiting in line again. Lauren and I got their Saison brewed with lemongrass and Kris went for their East India Pale Ale. We spent the two extra tokens on a perennial beer called the Brooklyn BLAST! which is a double IPA.

Our next stop was just a few doors down for a beer and a shot. For $8 it was hard to resist. We had made up our minds that we were going to check out Fette Sau for a late afternoon snack but it was about a mile away. We agreed the beer and shot would help make that walk a little more fun!!



The line wasn’t too long at Fette Sau (which is NOT normal) but we ended up waiting about 20 minutes to order. While we were waiting in line, I went to the bar to grab us 3 Manhattans and I ran into some friends from my time working at La Birreria at Eataly. It was such a great surprise! One of them works at Fette Sau so he helped me out with what to order and how much to order. We decided on 6 spare ribs, 1/3 of pulled pork and 1/4 of brisket with a side of burnt-edge baked beans.


Our platter of food


My plate of BBQ


All done!


Lauren and I finishing up our drinks once all the food was done

Before leaving Brooklyn to head back into the city, we stopped at a great vintage store not far from Fette Sau. I picked up a cute spring bag (my only purchase of the day that was not food) and called it a day. I was SO full but had such an amazing day with Lauren and Kris- probably one of my favorite Sunday fundays to date!


I just wanted to post something quickly about a restaurant I have checked out twice in the past week or two. Nick and I first stopped in on his birthday for a cocktail before the Rangers game. Maysville (named for the birth town of Kentucky bourbon) is about 6 months old and it specializes in everything bourbon. Everything bourbon:


Well today, I was wandering around Chelsea with a friend of mine and we decided to stop in for lunch. Maysville received 2 stars from the New York Times a month ago so I figured we would be in for a great lunch as well as a great Redemption Rye Old Fashioned. I didn’t do so well with breakfast today so I opted for one of the healthier items on the menu: a beet salad with whipped goat cheese, cured pork belly and wild greens.


Kris got the pulled pork sandwich (which looked amazing!) with homemade potato chips dusted in BBQ powder. I will definitely be back for the food (and the bourbon!). Check it out!