Weekend in Maine

I apologize for being so MIA since last week. I decided to take advantage of the weather and squeeze in some beach days and visit my sister in Maine. And one of the best things about southern Maine? Amazing food! We ate our way around Portland and Ocean Park and I enjoyed every bite. My biggest challenge, however, was sticking within my WW points. Usually when I travel, I give myself a “by” and don’t track but my weight has creeped up enough that I needed to get back on the wagon. I enjoyed myself but used all my extra points (all 49 plus some activity points) in order to do so. Here’s a quick look at some of the places we visited!

My first night in town, I had to go to Huot’s which is a few miles south of our beach house in Ocean Park. We have been coming to Huot’s since I was a baby (and before) and are good friends with the owners. The restaurant is in Camp Ellis and I have numerous memories of walking out on the jetty before, during and after every visit!


Looking out into Saco Bay from the jetty in Camp Ellis

Every time I eat at Huot’s, I have to have a clam cake. I always brag to friends that you can get an amazing, crispy clam cake for only $2.00 so I was amazed to see that price had risen to $2.60! Everything is getting pricer in Maine…

The next stop was Willard Scoops in Willard Beach, South Portland. This was my first trip here but it has become one of Hannah’s favorites since she moved to Portland full time.


Willard Scoops

Saturday was another day the beach so Hannah and I opted for lunch at the Ocean Park Deli. Our house is on the edge of town so the “downtown” is a 5 minute walk away (OP is wicked small!). The “downtown” consists of the deli, the library, one sit-down, BYOB restaurant, a gift shop, an antique shop and the Soda Fountain. We grabbed salads and sandwiches and spent another hour or two on the beach.

Hannah had to work Saturday night so I dropped her off at 2:45 before heading into Portland for a snack to hold me over until dinner. Every time I am in town, I have to go to Flatbread Pizza whether it’s to enjoy one of their organic, brick oven pizzas or just their organic salad. The Flatbread salad is something I dream about while I’m away. It consists of a bed of organic greens, shredded carrots, seaweed and sesame seeds with a housemade vinaigrette. I almost always add some blue cheese because it’s so creamy and spicy!


My roommate, Elly, moved to Portland on Saturday for the summer and she invited me out to dinner. I figured I would go because Hannah was working and I would have some company! Her parents treated me to an unforgettable meal at 555 on Congress St. I had a house salad made with all local greens and produce and the pepper-crusted sea scallops with whipped fennel potatoes and veggies. I was able to meet her parents, her aunt, uncle and cousin.

After Elly said goodbye to her family, we headed over to South Portland to visit Hannah at work. We sat on the deck at the Saltwater Grille and had a cocktail while she finished up her shift. Check out that view!


Once Hannah finished her shift, we dropped Elly off and headed over to Eventide for a drink and a snack (poor Hannah hadn’t eaten in hours!). I went for the Dirty, Dirty Martini made with Beefeater gin, olive brine, oyster brine and hot sauce. It was super salty and spicy and so delicious!!


Sunday was yet another beautiful beach day so we were back in Ocean Park. Our friend Lynn (more like a sister) came up from Massachusetts for the day so it was great to catch up after almost a year. It was my last lunch in Maine so Hannah and I went to Bayley’s in Pine Point for a lobster roll. At Bayley’s you can choose if you’d like your bun toasted or not toasted and if you’d like it tossed in butter or mayo. I’m a Maine lobster roll kind of girl so I went for the mayo (but light!)- you all remember my Sunday Funday post about Red Hook Lobster Pound, right? The Bayley’s lobster roll is simple and lets the lobster meat shine through- the perfect treat on a summer day in Maine.

Hannah had to work again, so Lynn and I went into Portland and did the mailboat cruise around Casco Bay. For all the years I’ve been going to Maine (which is my whole life), I have never been on Casco Bay. The mailboat is a 3 hour cruise that stops on 5 islands in the bay dropping off mail and people. The best part- besides being on the water, in the sun and with a great friend- is that it’s BYOB. That’s right, you can bring booze and drink on the boat! We picked up a 6-pack of Sam Adams Summer Ale and spent a glorious (but windy) 3 hours on the water!


Here I am with Long Island behind me while we were pulling away from Cliff Island in Casco Bay

For my last meal, Hannah and I went to OTTO Pizza to grab some take out. Rain rolled in Sunday night so we decided to grab some pizza to go and settle in at her house to watch some Sunday night TV. We got one of Hannah’s favorite pizzas- sweet potato, ricotta and dried cranberries. I was hesitant at first but, OMG, it was heavenly! Creamy, sweet, tart but somehow savory. It confused my palate, which is hard to do. It was the perfect finale to a perfect weekend in Maine!

Red Rooster Harlem


I decided to venture away from the apartment on this rainy afternoon for some comfort food. I ended up at Red Rooster Harlem which has become a favorite in recent months. This hot spot opened about two and half years ago and has played an integral role in transforming this neighborhood. Lenox is now speckled with eateries that are attracting a culturally diverse crowd.

This culinary destination in Harlem (just off of 125th on Lenox Ave) is the brainchild of star chef Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit in Midtown. While Aquavit offers a nod to his Swedish upbringing, Red Rooster connects to his southern roots resulting in a menu ranging from corn bread and yard bird to Helga’s meatballs.

Today, I opted for the Shrimp Po’boy with Old Bay potato chips and a market salad. The bun was perfectly toasted and buttered an filled with sweet shrimp dusted in a spicy rub. The potato chips, homemade no doubt, where crunchy with just a hint of Old Bay seasoning. All in all, not a bad choice for a delicious and comforting lunch on this rainy Friday afternoon.

Last Dinner in Atlanta

For my last dinner in Atlanta my parents brought me to their new favorite pizza place, Ammazza, in the Old Fourth Ward. We opted to sit at the bar (which I always recommend anywhere) and started off with some drinks.


I ordered a club soda because my stomach wasn’t feeling great, my mom got a glass of rose and my dad chose a PRB. Check out the awesome beer glass my dad got:


We ordered a margarita pizza with Spotted Trotter sausage (same place that makes the bacon used on Revolution doughnuts) and two caprese salads. I must say- everything blew me away. The tomatoes were big and juicy, the mozzarella was soft and creamy, the crust was crunchy and the sausage was to die for.


They cook in wood ovens and it makes all the difference in the world.


The ambiance is industrial yet welcoming. The noise level can be high when the dining room is packed but it doesn’t even matter. The staff was wonderful- our bartender gave me a glass of wine because he poured it out by accident!


The best part? It’s so affordable! Our entire meal plus tip was only $60. If you’re ever in Atlanta, make sure you check it out!

Last Lunch in Atlanta

My mom and I set out Friday to do some shopping. It was a rainy and cold day so we figured it was as good a time as any to be inside a mall. Our first stop, however, was for lunch at Star Provisions. I posted quickly on Friday about my cold-brewed coffee but that was just a small part of the experience. I ordered a pork belly banh mi. It was a little oily (but then again, it’s pork belly) but the flavors were perfect!

My mom ordered a Mediterranean salad that was full of vegetables, chick peas, lentils and more.


Star Provisions reminded me a lot of Haven’s Kitchen in that it has a cute café section as well as a retail section. They had some cute but kind of over priced kitchen gadgets!



They also had an entire wall dedicated to candy, which made me think of my little sister, Hannah.


All in all it was a great first stop for our day of shopping in ATL!


I just wanted to post something quickly about a restaurant I have checked out twice in the past week or two. Nick and I first stopped in on his birthday for a cocktail before the Rangers game. Maysville (named for the birth town of Kentucky bourbon) is about 6 months old and it specializes in everything bourbon. Everything bourbon:


Well today, I was wandering around Chelsea with a friend of mine and we decided to stop in for lunch. Maysville received 2 stars from the New York Times a month ago so I figured we would be in for a great lunch as well as a great Redemption Rye Old Fashioned. I didn’t do so well with breakfast today so I opted for one of the healthier items on the menu: a beet salad with whipped goat cheese, cured pork belly and wild greens.


Kris got the pulled pork sandwich (which looked amazing!) with homemade potato chips dusted in BBQ powder. I will definitely be back for the food (and the bourbon!). Check it out!