Flaxseed is one of those things that I have had on my radar for a while but never really understood. I’ve always been interested in seeing what it is all about so, when I was visiting my parents in Atlanta last June, I picked some up at the Dekalb Farmers Market. I have had the ground flaxseed in my pantry for almost a year and I am FINALLY using it.

flax seed

A few quick facts about flaxseed:

1. It has been cultivated since 3000 BC in Babylon!

2. There have been studies that show it may reduce risk of heart disease, cancer, stoke and diabetes.

3. It is high in Omega-3 fatty acids (the good fat). 1 tbsp of ground flaxseed (flax meal) contains 1.8 grams of omega-3s!

4. They contain 75-800 times more lignans (chemical compound found in plants) than other plant products. Lignans contain estrogen and antioxidant qualities.

5. Flaxseed contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. This means it helps with digestion!

The most important thing is that you buy ground flaxseed because your body cannot absorb it otherwise. Just add a tablespoon of two to your morning smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal and you’re good to go. You will definitely notice a difference in your digestion and it can help you in the long run as well!

WW Points: 1 point per tbsp

Last Dinner in Atlanta

For my last dinner in Atlanta my parents brought me to their new favorite pizza place, Ammazza, in the Old Fourth Ward. We opted to sit at the bar (which I always recommend anywhere) and started off with some drinks.


I ordered a club soda because my stomach wasn’t feeling great, my mom got a glass of rose and my dad chose a PRB. Check out the awesome beer glass my dad got:


We ordered a margarita pizza with Spotted Trotter sausage (same place that makes the bacon used on Revolution doughnuts) and two caprese salads. I must say- everything blew me away. The tomatoes were big and juicy, the mozzarella was soft and creamy, the crust was crunchy and the sausage was to die for.


They cook in wood ovens and it makes all the difference in the world.


The ambiance is industrial yet welcoming. The noise level can be high when the dining room is packed but it doesn’t even matter. The staff was wonderful- our bartender gave me a glass of wine because he poured it out by accident!


The best part? It’s so affordable! Our entire meal plus tip was only $60. If you’re ever in Atlanta, make sure you check it out!

Last Lunch in Atlanta

My mom and I set out Friday to do some shopping. It was a rainy and cold day so we figured it was as good a time as any to be inside a mall. Our first stop, however, was for lunch at Star Provisions. I posted quickly on Friday about my cold-brewed coffee but that was just a small part of the experience. I ordered a pork belly banh mi. It was a little oily (but then again, it’s pork belly) but the flavors were perfect!

My mom ordered a Mediterranean salad that was full of vegetables, chick peas, lentils and more.


Star Provisions reminded me a lot of Haven’s Kitchen in that it has a cute café section as well as a retail section. They had some cute but kind of over priced kitchen gadgets!



They also had an entire wall dedicated to candy, which made me think of my little sister, Hannah.


All in all it was a great first stop for our day of shopping in ATL!

Dekalb Farmer’s Market

My mom and I go to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market every time I visit Atlanta. Honestly, I would move to ATL just for this market. Anything you could ever need or want to buy for your culinary adventures is here. When I visited my parents last June, I was able to stock up on Asian kitchen necessities so I could finally try to cook some Vietnamese and Thai foods. I think I got all my oils, curry pastes, spices, etc for under $20- and these are the ingredients that would normally cost $7.99/oil in NYC. Their spice section alone is worth the trip. My mom bought me bulk spices (everything from fennel seed to curry powder to whole nutmeg) and each ¼ pint container cost 58 cents. Yup $0.58!

On our trip on Thursday, we had a specific grocery list for our dinner at home. We wanted pork tenderloin, veggies for a side dish and we needed a starch. There were also a few miscellaneous items to find. Here are some pictures I took while inside the market (sorry for the bad quality- you aren’t technically allowed to take pictures inside!):


Fresh herbs


Our shopping cart




Shrimp (we bought so of these!)






Every cut of chicken you could ever want


Skin-on chicken thighs (by far the best cut you can buy)


Turkey meat, I believe?


Olive bar




More beef


Lamb tongue, kidney, etc.





Next time you are in Atlanta, definitely check it out. You can wander for hours and find things you didn’t even know existed!

First Dinner in Atlanta

When I received my schedule for the restaurant last week, I was only scheduled to work Monday and Tuesday. I was initially shocked because I usually work at least 5 nights a week. I had been asking to move down a few shifts because the commute is long (40 minutes during the day but up to an hour and a half at night) and I just started at Haven’s Kitchen. Once I kind of realized that I have Wednesday-Friday off and didn’t have to be at Haven’s Kitchen until Saturday at 4pm for an event, I decided I needed to get out of the city.

My family and I are extremely close. We have a family text thread that buzzes throughout the day, everyday. About 2 weeks ago it hit me that I hadn’t seen my parents in almost 4 months. I have NEVER gone this long without seeing one of them- not even when I was living in Asia for 5 months because Pia (my mama) visited me about 2 months in! Around noon on Monday I decided I would go to Atlanta and visit my parents at their new house that I’ve only visited twice since they moved here last June. I don’t have a ton of extra money laying around (none actually because rent is due in a week or so) so I bought a ticket using my Delta points!

I arrived yesterday around 1:30 (which is why I didn’t get to post until later in the day!) and we just lounged around their adorable house/backyard for a few hours.


I met some neighbors and then we headed to Holy Taco for dinner. My mom has been telling me about this place for a while now and, I must say, it exceeded my expectations. Here’s what we had:


Homemade tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa (and of course a house organic margarita)


Beef tongue taco to share (yum!)


Fried chicken heart taco with homemade kimchi to share


Short rib torta with black beans and jalapeno for me


Chimichanga with 12 hour roasted pork for my dad


Chorizo quesadilla with poblano, fingerling potatoes and tomatillo salsa for my mom


Cauliflower with olives and dates for the table

The meal was unbelievable and had so many unexpected flavors. I also loved that every dish was a unique set of flavors and nothing tasted like anything else. Every bite was exciting and everything was locally sourced (score!). Our drinks were refreshing yet strong and we were able to bring Lucy (my parents’ dog) with us and sit on the patio. All in all it was a perfect first night in ATL!