Sunday Funday Round 3: Red Hook

Nick and I had to make a trip to the Ikea in Brooklyn on Sunday so we decided to make a day out of it by wandering around Red Hook afterwards. Red Hook is a little off the beaten path mostly because it’s not directly off any subway lines so we took advantage of having a car to get there!

Our first stop post-Ikea was a restaurant called The Good Fork. A few people from Haven’s Kitchen recommended I check it out and the fact that it was only a quarter-mile from Ikea made it a no brainer. We found a parking spot right out front (score!) and wandered in. It looked a little empty but then I noticed sunshine coming from the back of the restaurant outdoor seating! The backyard was packed but we were able to grab a table for two.


Nick ordered a bloody mary made with clam juice (pictured above) and I ordered a French 75 (gin, sparkling wine and lemon). Both were unbelievable. We had an egg white omelette for breakfast so we weren’t starving. We decided to go with the bibb lettuce salad with a soft boiled egg and lardon. It even came with a piece of crispy sourdough bread to get all the yummy goodness that is a runny egg yolk!


We also ordered a side of their homemade kimchi that was super spicy and super delicious! It was the perfect amount of food to keep us going!


Next we wandered towards to the water to check out the views. We stumbled upon a Fairway and a few other spots. What initially drew us that way was Sunny’s Bar. We are huge Anthony Bourdain fans and he visited Sunny’s on the last episode of No Reservations. Bourdain filmed his last episode- Brooklyn- before Sandy hit. Sunny’s, like a lot of places in that episode, was devastated by the hurricane. Sunny’s still hasn’t reopened. I was honestly shocked to see so many places in Red Hook, not only open, but thriving. I was happy we were there and able to help the local businesses a bit! Here’s a picture of me about a block from Sunny’s:

IMG_5715Our next stop was right around the corner- Brooklyn Crab. We weren’t hungry at all but we decided to stop in for a beer.

IMG_5679We sat down at the bar inside (outdoor seating was for diners only) and ordered two Peak IPAs. Nick saw oysters on the menu and couldn’t resist! Sitting there, eating oysters and drinking a beer that reminds me of being on the beach in Maine made me feel a million miles away from the city. I will definitely be visiting this place again when I am in need of some time on the water!

IMG_5681The view of the water from our bar stools

IMG_5682Beer and oysters- two of my favorite things!

Our final stops of the day were the Red Hook Winery and Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies. Both are located on Pier 41 just a few minutes walk from Brooklyn Crab. I have seen Red Hook wines in a few places (and where I work) so I was really excited to see that they were open for tastings. They were almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Sandy so to see them up and running (only their 3rd weekend open since Sandy) was amazing! We bought two bottles of wine before heading to Steve’s to pick up a small key lime pie to share. Another amazing Sunday Funday!

Trader Joes Falafel with Tahini


I’ve been keeping these frozen falafel in my freezer recently and they make a great go-to snack. They aren’t exactly low in WW Points but they are filling and definitely worth it! The frozen falafel costs $3.69 a bag and the tahini sauce is $2.49 (I believe)- this will get you about 4 servings.

WW Points: 9 for 3 falafel and 1 tbsp of tahini



I’ve been meaning to post about my friend’s company so here it is! Paul is one of my co-workers at Gwynnett St and he is such an amazing guy! His girlfriend started this company making pop tarts using Brooklyn-made jam to sell at farmer’s markets and the it has taken off. Magpies are now sold in bakeries and coffee shops throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan and they just launched at Whole Foods Bowery. It has been fun watching this company grow so quickly and to hear about the day-to-day logistics of starting something like this.

I have tried a few flavors (triple berry, pear/chipotle and blueberry) and they are amazing! I believe they have 5 or 6 flavors now (including strawberry balsamic and triple ganache) so I cannot wait to try them all. Check them out on facebook and twitter! And here is a write up from New York Serious Eats!

Don’t forget to like them on facebook if you visit the page!

Sriracha Lime Popcorn

Keeping with the buzzfeed theme of today, I stumbled upon this recipe around Oscar time (there are 4 other not-so-WW-friendly popcorn recipes as well). It is a great an easy way to take your ordinary popcorn and step it up a notch.

I absolutely love sriracha! This love for sriracha stems from the time I spent studying abroad in Vietnam and I have countless great memories adding it to dishes while sitting in a “kindergarten- furniture kitchen” on the streets of Saigon and Hanoi. It adds so much flavor to dishes without making them too spicy and without adding any extra WW points. Just remember- a lot goes a long way! I like to use Orville Redenbacher’s 94% Fat-Free SmartPop! Popcorn to keep it WW friendly. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:


Srircha Lime Popcorn*

3 cups of popped popcorn

1 tbsp. of unsalted butter

1 tsp. of Srircha (or to taste)

Zest of one lime

Salt to taste


Pop the popcorn and set aside. In a small saucepan, melt the butter. Once melted, added in the Srircaha and lime zest and whisk until emulsified. Remove from heat and slowly pour over the popcorn while tossing the popcorn to make sure it gets an even coat (if you pour the butter/Sriracha/lime  sauce too quickly it will make clumps of popcorn soggy and you won’t be able to cover all the popcorn evenly). Salt to taste.

This recipe is so simple and it really easy! It is a great snack to have while watching tv or to put out for a dinner party for guests to snack on. It will impress anyone who tries it!

WW Points: 3 points for a 3 cup serving

*This recipe is slightly altered from the one in the link above.

Trader Joe’s Frozen Edamame

My mom turned me on to this frozen edamame from Trader Joe’s. For the past few months, my mom has raved about how it is the perfect go-to snack and how she “always finishes the bag.” Finally, about two weeks ago, I picked up a bag and I am in love! Now, I am buying at least 3 bags every time I go to TJ’s. For $1.69 a bag, why wouldn’t I?

I love that the only ingredients are soybeans and sea salt and that it only takes 2 minutes to defrost- thats right, defrost not cook! The entire bag is less than 400 calories and there is 10g of protein per 1/2 cup serving. It’s also fun to eat! For me, it’s the perfect snack to keep in my purse to snack on while I’m on the train home after a long night working at the restaurant. I usually defrost a cup (2 servings) and it’s the perfect snack.

WW Points: 3 points per 1/2 serving

(5 points for one cup)