Recipes, Ideas and Tricks

My schedule has filled up so quickly and I have been so busy that I didn’t even realize that it has been 12 days since my last post! I am now nannying for an amazing family as well as working an event or two a week at Haven’s Kitchen. Nannying has helped me find a new level of respect for moms out there- I have no idea how you all do it! I am hoping that in the weeks to come I can start adding some healthy, child-friendly recipes and tricks that I have found that work with “my” little ones. For now, here are some recipes, ideas and tricks I have been archiving for the past few weeks that I think you will all enjoy! Thank god for Buzzfeed and the site’s infinite foodie wisdom.

This first recipe is for a Spanish Tortilla, something Nick and I ate our fair share of when we were in Spain. Essentially this is a bite of heaven- potato, egg and cheese… yum!  You can play around with this a little too (who doesn’t like to step away from tradition every once and a while) and add tomatoes, chives, asparagus or whatever you want. No matter what you do with it, it will be delicious!

Next, tomato sauce! I should have posted this about a month ago when tomatoes were at their peak. But, I didn’t. Sorry! Follow this recipe exactly and you will be amazed at the flavor you are going to be able to develop!

For tricks: Thai food. Ever since I got back from studying abroad in Vietnam, I have wanted to dive into cooking Southeast Asian (SEA) cuisine but it’s just so intimidating. This post helps take away some of the mystery surrounding Thai (and SEA food)- some ginger here, coconut milk there and you’ll have some amazing meals in minutes! Also, buy fish sauce. You will be surprised how often you will use it!

Lastly, here are some grocery shopping hacks– ways to make your groceries last longer. I have been doing my best to reduce my food waste and the first thing I did was start menu planning. It is amazing how much it helps! I have been able to reduce the amount I spend at the grocery store as well as the amount of food I throw out because it went bad before I could use it. Another was to start following some of these tips. I can personally vouch for the soft herb, banana and apple storage. I haven’t tried too many others but ,now that the list is up here, I will make sure to check back often and try to utilize them all at one point or another.

I hope you all get to try out these recipes, ideas and tricks sometime soon. Let me know how they go!





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