Street Tacos


NYC has some amazing street food. Everyone knows the Halal stalls that speckle every street corner but finding a great taco can be a little challenging. My go-to taco place is called La Fiesta about 5 blocks from my apartment. In fact, La Fiesta is so good it has become the standard to which I compare all other tacos.

Tonight I’m out in Sunnyside Queens visiting some friends. I had a little time to kill and I was starving so I decided to try out a taco truck right next to the 46th St stop on the 7 train. Although it was not quite up to par with La Fiesta, it was well worth $2.50 a taco for a quick meal on the go.

I went with al pastor is essentially a central-Mexican pork based version of shawarma- think Turkish diner kebabs. This version was not the most authentic take on pastor but it had great flavor and the fresh cilantro, radish and lime were the perfect addition. Ill definitely stop back next time in the neighborhood for a freshly made meal for under $5!


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