I’m in the middle of a “writer’s” block and I can’t find my way out! I’m not sure if other cooks out there ever experience a string of a few weeks where you feel like you are cooking and eating the same thing over and over again but you can’t find the inspiration to try something new! That’s where I am. I have been reading cookbooks and doing online searches and I can’t find the one recipe to get me going. It doesn’t help that I am in the middle of 10 days of work (!) without a day off- all I want to do it relax and watch TV during the day before I head into a long night at the restaurant. This is how my bad habits formed in the first place!

So here is where you can help. Do you have any recipes that you’ve always wanted to try but have never taken the plunge? Or how about a recipe that you make all the time but want to try and cut some calories? SEND THEM MY WAY! I need the inspiration to get out of this rut!

Please leave comments with links to recipes, a list of ingredients or just the name of a dish! I’ll figure it out and post about it! I would love to have some dinner options but I am open to desserts, appetizers, snacks, etc. 

Thanks everyone for your continued support and for reading my blog! Your comments and “likes” on facebook are what keep me going! I promise to try every recipe at some point this summer and I’ll blog about making it and how it turns out! Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “I NEED HELP!

  1. When I get stuck I pickle things. Don’t know if you’re into pickled or fermented foods but the variety is endless and you can grab and go with your vegetables. It lets me be creative and healthy without having any real direction! Also if you haven’t check out Food52’s best test recipes. The okonamiyaki is in a bi-weekly rotation in our house and the challah recipe is the best I’ve found! Good luck

    • Thanks, Jordan! It’s so funny you mention that! The one thing that got me really excited over the weekend was watching Kelsey’s Essentials on Cooking Channel and she was pickling and cooking with pickling brines. I have tons of vinegars and pickling spices because I have done some quick pickling before. I plan on buying a canning kit soon and I want to start pickling and canning all of the summer’s yummy produce! Thanks for the idea and I’ll definitely post about my pickling and canning once I get it all going (probably in a week or two)! Hope all is well!

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