Gwynnett St.


For those of you who don’t know, I work at an amazing restaurant in East Williamsburg Brooklyn called Gwynnett St. A co-worker of mine from my days at Esca opened this place about a year and a half ago. I ate here many times last spring and when I was looking to do something different for work last September, Carl offered me a job. I love working here (even though its about a hour commute each way!) because the food is just so good- it makes my job as a waitress easy when the food sells itself.

I was lucky enough to go in for a tasting menu last night with Lauren. I helped her move about two months ago so she insisted on treating me to dinner. How could I refuse? Normally the tasting menu is 7 courses (and at $85 it is one of the best deals you’ll find in the city) but Chef Owen sent us out 9 courses! We were even able to try a dessert that isn’t on the menu yet! Here’s what we got!


Our first round of cocktails:

Green Acres (L)- hendricks gin with fennel

Darling Buds (R)- ford’s gin with riesling and strega


Stinging Nettle Soup (before the broth was poured)


Stinging Nettle Soup- raw clam, pickled kombu seaweed, parsley root and nasturtium


Fluke crudo with cucumber broth, marinated shaved cucumber, green almond, knotweed and fresh horseradish


Cocoa nib pasta with braised artichoke, sunflower seed puree and charred white onion petals


Second round of cocktails:

Mr Pink (L)- mexcal, absinthe, elderflower with a rim of pink peppercorn, salt and sugar

Flower Power (R)- pisco, aperol, rose petal, rose water and lemon


Lauren enjoying the last bites of the cocoa nib pasta


Lamb’s tongue with fresh fava beans, fava bean emulsion, dried fava bean cake and smoked feta


Cashew tofu with cauliflower and turmeric puree, pickled turmeric, charred cauliflower and black garlic (this is my fav!)


My last cocktail:

Road to Nowhere- rye whiskey, amaro and orange bitters


Cobia with roasted celtuce, asparagus and fermented cranberry


Beef with beef heart, broccoli raab, broccoli florets, pickled ramps and flowers


Our first dessert (which isn’t on the menu yet)- Strawberry with elderflower meringue and lemon verbena custard


Our final course- Carrot/cardamom cake, carrot custard, caramel sauce, milk and honey candies with milk and honey sorbet


And to finish it all off? A montenegro on the rocks with orange to help my very full stomach!
Gwynnett St really is a hidden gem so make sure to check it out next time you’re in the city!

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