First Dinner in Atlanta

When I received my schedule for the restaurant last week, I was only scheduled to work Monday and Tuesday. I was initially shocked because I usually work at least 5 nights a week. I had been asking to move down a few shifts because the commute is long (40 minutes during the day but up to an hour and a half at night) and I just started at Haven’s Kitchen. Once I kind of realized that I have Wednesday-Friday off and didn’t have to be at Haven’s Kitchen until Saturday at 4pm for an event, I decided I needed to get out of the city.

My family and I are extremely close. We have a family text thread that buzzes throughout the day, everyday. About 2 weeks ago it hit me that I hadn’t seen my parents in almost 4 months. I have NEVER gone this long without seeing one of them- not even when I was living in Asia for 5 months because Pia (my mama) visited me about 2 months in! Around noon on Monday I decided I would go to Atlanta and visit my parents at their new house that I’ve only visited twice since they moved here last June. I don’t have a ton of extra money laying around (none actually because rent is due in a week or so) so I bought a ticket using my Delta points!

I arrived yesterday around 1:30 (which is why I didn’t get to post until later in the day!) and we just lounged around their adorable house/backyard for a few hours.


I met some neighbors and then we headed to Holy Taco for dinner. My mom has been telling me about this place for a while now and, I must say, it exceeded my expectations. Here’s what we had:


Homemade tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa (and of course a house organic margarita)


Beef tongue taco to share (yum!)


Fried chicken heart taco with homemade kimchi to share


Short rib torta with black beans and jalapeno for me


Chimichanga with 12 hour roasted pork for my dad


Chorizo quesadilla with poblano, fingerling potatoes and tomatillo salsa for my mom


Cauliflower with olives and dates for the table

The meal was unbelievable and had so many unexpected flavors. I also loved that every dish was a unique set of flavors and nothing tasted like anything else. Every bite was exciting and everything was locally sourced (score!). Our drinks were refreshing yet strong and we were able to bring Lucy (my parents’ dog) with us and sit on the patio. All in all it was a perfect first night in ATL!


One thought on “First Dinner in Atlanta

  1. wow, i LOVE that backyard set up!!! so adorable! when you visit me in buckhead 😉 we will have to walk up to Tin Lizzie’s for a marg, the little mexi place right near us. It’s my favorite mexican food ever!

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