Broccoli Parmesan Fritters part 2

I mentioned in my Easter post that I was going to try to make the broccoli parmesan fritters without using a ton of oil to fry them. Well, I tried and I think they turned out alright. I did a few things differently than the first time:

1. I decided to use a bag of broccoli from Trader Joe’s instead of fresh broccoli. Why? I can microwave it in the bag, it’s the perfect amount of broccoli, it is already prepped and its cheap!

2. I decided to chop the cooked broccoli before adding it to the egg/parmesan/flour mixture instead of using a potato masher to mix everything together.

3. I added a TON of crushed red pepper flakes (I love spicy food!).

4. I baked them in the oven instead of frying them in oil.


All the ingredients


All the dry ingredients with the egg


After chopping and adding in the broccoli


Formed into fritters

I knew the fritters would bake through but I wanted to try and achieve the same crisp outside. I decided to heat up my oven to 450 degrees with my pizza stone in the oven. I let the pizza stone sit at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes, sprayed it with my PAM olive oil and added the fritters (which I also sprayed with the PAM). Once they were on the hot pizza stone (I could hear them sizzle when the went down), I flattened them out using the back side of my spatula.


I let them cook on each side for 7 mins (14 mins total) and they turned out great! The inside is a little softer (but cooked) and the outside was able to crisp up a bit! I will definitely be cooking them this way from now on.


And for a little humor…IMG_5115


I spilled an entire container of baking soda all over my kitchen and all over myself while reaching for the flour. Oops?


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