Haven’s Kitchen

Today was my first day at my new part time job and I am so excited! I have two friends who work at Haven’s Kitchen and I’ve been hearing about the space for a while. So when Elise reached out to me about an opening for a part time private events server, I jumped at the opportunity. Their mission statement is 100% in line with my beliefs surrounding everything food.

We believe that personal wellness and the well-being of our planet are intricately and permanently connected. We hope to nurture that connection in as many ways as we can, and share our enthusiasm with everyone who walks through our front door.

Haven’s Kitchen is a recreational cooking school, retail and private event space that sources locally and sustainably as often as possible. It is located on 17th St and 6th Ave in an old, 3-story carriage house. One of the coolest features is that the hard wood floors on the second floor are original to the building and date back to the 1800s.


The retail space in front has everything from local seeds to honeys/jams to kitchen gadgets to plates/prep tools. I already know that working here will probably not be so great for my wallet- I want EVERYTHING in the store. Here are a few shots of the retail space/cafe:





I am so excited about this new opportunity and for all the kitchen inspiration that I am sure I will find! If you live in NYC or are planning on visiting soon, be sure to stop by for a coffee, lunch or for a cooking class!



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