Organic Avenue

Organic Avenue


Sometimes I feel like I need to reboot my system and I have fallen in love with Organic Avenue. This New York based company delivers a day’s worth of juices and/or food to your door daily throughout your cleanse. Their cleanse follow the idea of LOVE (Live, Organic, Vegan, Experience) and all foods and juices are prepared the morning of delivery. I have tried their LOVE Easy cleanse, LOVE Deep cleanse and I am doing their 1-day Spring Cleaning clease this Thursday.

Everything is delicious and you never feel hungry. By the end of the cleanse (I always do 3 days), you feel refreshed, recharged and full of energy. The cleanses are expensive, starting at $75 for one day, but to do once every few months or even once a year, it is so worth every penny. The 3-day cleanses are $210 but a great secret to save some money is to sign up for the 6am-8am delivery, which is FREE! I love free.

If you feel like your body needs a little spring cleaning, check out their Spring Cleanse which is only $55 for one day!


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