Home-Grown Fresh Herbs

Home-Grown Fresh Herbs

Growing your own herbs is a great way to save money. If you’re like me, seeing fresh herbs as a garnish to a recipe basically means I leave them off. Who wants to pay $3-5 for fresh herbs when all you need is a few basil leaves or sprigs of thyme? I do know that fresh herbs make a huge difference so my solution is to ditch the recipe.

As I mentioned in my Easter post, I found these plants at Whole Foods for $1.99 (cheaper than buying pre-cut herbs) and figured I would try to grow them at home. To start, I picked out chives and cilantro but I hope to get a few more plants soon (probably dill and basil). I needed chives for the deviled eggs so that was a no brainer (also why the plant is cut down so much) and I’ve heard cilantro grows like weeds so it will be hard for me to mess it up (I tend to kill anything green…). I also cook a lot of Asian and Latin American-inspired food so cilantro will be good to have on hand.

Fresh herbs are a great way to brighten up a boring meal and a low-calorie way to add flavor (or no calorie?). As far as I’m concerned, growing herbs at home is a way to eat healthfully, locally, and inexpensively- all GREAT things in my book!


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